The Temporal Experiences of Awareness and Tension In relation to the Notion of Self within Life Modeling.

Through the role of Life Modeling I became extremely self-aware of surroundings, others, my body and myself and this acknowledgement has been the major catalyst in the transformation and development of myself. Therefore it was a natural development within my artwork to use myself as the source, highlighting the many sharing commonalities, both physical and psychological that inform the human condition. Although my practice is undeniably personal it is this personal story that motivates me in making my work, human, poignant and vital. The dualities of differences that make a person individually unique also address common similarities we all share in being human at this particular time.

Tension and awareness are a reoccurring feature deployed throughout my practice reinforcing the notion of self to resonate on a collective level.

All human beings are subject to the many temporal experiences of tension and awareness within life in general; experiences vary in degrees, some being ephemeral whilst others are of a longer duration. Throughout these experiences people begin to question their purpose and existence, this enquiry may be triggered by dissatisfaction, unfulfillment and alienation, questioning why the world is like it is. Seeking purpose in our lives and the recognition that everything we are attached to or love is going to die encompasses the awareness of ones own mortality.

“…It is said art is a matter of life and death, this may be melodramatic but it is also true”.     Bruce Nauman


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